Understanding The Most Effective Prostate Cancer Treatments

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Treating Prostate Cancer With Surgery

Given these relatively low rates of side effects, prostate surgery is a reasonable treatment option, but the next question that comes to mind is how effective it is in saving lives. To find out, researchers from Uppsala University followed a number of men for 15 years after Prostate Cancer diagnosis to find out. The results of the research were published in May,

Their research determined that the odds of dying from prostate cancer were 30% lower in men who had surgery versus those who were monitored with watchful waiting. This was the case even for men who had tumors that were considered low risk. The research also found that the odds of dying increased by 7 times if the cancer escaped from the prostate into surrounding tissues. Clearly, the results suggest that watchful waiting is not as prudent an option as it was previously understood.

Other research has also looked at the success of prostate surgery in saving lives. Research from Fox Chase Cancer Center and the Mayo Clinic published in 2010 determined that 92% of patients with aggressive forms of Prostate Cancer who had had surgery were alive 10 years later. Another study by the Mayo clinic reported that 80% of patients who had a prostatectomy were alive 20 years following surgery. Considering that many people who receive such surgery are in later life, these results show that the treatment is reasonably successful in preserving life.


As the second most commonly diagnosed form of tumor in men after skin cancer, Prostate Cancer is a disease that men do not talk about as much as they should. As a result, they may fail to receive good advice from others who have already received treatments. At the same time, they may be offered treatments that are less effective than what is possible. In some cases, doctors may suggest no treatment at all, thinking it is in the patient’s best interests. However, considering the risks versus the gains, men with Prostate Cancer should considering challenge their doctors to ensure they are receiving the best possible treatment.

A future article will look at new treatment options being developed that could further improve the chances of survival.

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