Understanding The Most Effective Prostate Cancer Treatments

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As a group that can be uncomfortable in revealing their weaknesses, men frequently do not like to talk about health problems. Should a health issue concern the equipment below the belt, and then even fewer words are likely to be spoken. One such medical problem that has traditionally received little open discussion has been prostate cancer. This is unfortunate because of the sheer number of men affected by the condition.

By not talking about the disease, many men remain ignorant of the many possibilities for reducing risks or even preventing prostate cancer. Without a willingness for discussion, too many men face Prostate Cancer without the valuable experience that other patients could provide. At the same time, talking about the disease is important simply to be aware of the treatments that are possible. Given that Prostate Cancer statistics are still fairly negative, it is in every man’s best interests to understand the treatment options that maximize the chances of survival.

What Are The Most Effective Prostate Cancer Treatments Available?

Avoiding Chemotherapy In Treating Prostate Cancer

When we think of modern cancer treatment, chemotherapy is one of the most common options that come to mind. However, standard chemotherapy is not as effective an option for Prostate Cancer as it is for other cancers. This is because cancer cells in the prostate typically grow much more slowly than the cells involved in other forms of cancer.

Drugs designed to slow the reproduction of cancer cells are often not helpful for many forms of Prostate Cancer. This is because these cells reproduce at a relatively normal rate. Prostate Cancer cells also have a relatively normal metabolism that makes attempts to poison these cancer cells with other forms of chemotherapy less effective. Because the cancer cells take in materials at a rate closer to the rate of normal cells, the chemotherapy doses required to kill the cancer cells would also kill too many healthy cells.

For these reasons, watchful waiting has often been considered as an alternative to treatment for men with early stages of the disease. In fact, according to research from the University of California Los Angeles, only 25% of men 75 years old and older are offered treatment for the disease. However, there are alternatives to watchful waiting that should be considered. Both radiation and surgery are options used in treating many forms of Prostate Cancer.

Hormone therapy, another treatment option, is usually used to treat late stage Prostate Cancer that has spread outside the prostate and is not discussed here.

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