Understanding The 3 Common Causes Of Allergies And Their Effect On The Body

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The Allergies That Our Pets Can Cause

Finally, we get to perhaps the most disappointing trigger of all; our own pets. Unfortunately, pet allergies are among the most common on the planet, causing 10 percent of the US population alone to suffer. Of course that means that 1 in 10 of us must either endure sneezing, sniffling, and itching all day from having a pet, or just not having a furry pet at all. For those who do want a pet, fortunately, there are ways to manage it.

In the same manner that food and pollen allergies work, allergens from pet fur cause the body to create antibodies which release histamine and other inflammation causing chemicals into the body. But, there are certain breeds of pets that grow hair instead of fur and pets with hair do not cause allergies. A person can also find many allergy medications that can help, and bathing the pet once in a while can reduce the chances of triggering an allergy as well.


In the end, even though allergies are so common, there are ways that a person can reduce the effects of allergies on their lives. The first step is knowing what is happening in the body and then taking steps to reduce exposure to these triggers.

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