Understanding Some Of The Causes Of Fatigue

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Who Is Affected By Fatigue?

As a common medical symptom, fatigue affects numerous members of society. According to research also from the VU Medical Center, as many as 1 in 10 patients approach their doctor because of complaints of fatigue. While the exact causes are not known, fatigue is often associated with an underlying medical condition.

At the same time, fatigue is also related to gender. Research studies from the University of Iowa found that male mice were less susceptible to fatigue than female mice. At the same time, some female mice who were injected with the male sex hormone testosterone became less likely to suffer from fatigue. The researchers believe that these findings help to explain why fatigue is more commonly experienced by women.

What Health Issues Can Contribute To Fatigue?

The causes of fatigue are many but in the previously mentioned research from the VU Medical Center, researchers found that roughly 20% of all cases of fatigue were as a result of muscular and skeletal health problems. Another 8% were associated with digestive health problems. Only 8% of patients suffering fatigue were found to be suffering from severe illnesses such as auto immune disease, heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

The most telling statistic from this research, however, is that almost 60% of the cases of fatigue occur for reasons that are not yet understood.

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