Understanding Hypopituitarism – A Tale Of An Underperforming Pituitary Pea

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How Can Hypopituitarism Be Treated?

When those suffering from hypopituitarism are properly diagnosed however, effective treatment is possible in the form of hormone medications in tablet and pill form. The only issue becomes the need to continue taking these medications for life and to properly follow the medication schedule. For the most part, the medications taken to maintain hormone levels do not seem to cause long term effects.

Alternatively, for those whose pituitary gland produces low hormone levels due to physical damage, cutting edge techniques using stem cells may provide another treatment option. Research at the University of California in 2007 found that stem cells injected into the pituitary gland of rodents were able to allow some return to function of the gland.

These sorts of findings have been taken a step further with highly experimental and controversial stem cell treatments that are being offered by the Beike Biotech located in Shenzhen, China. Though met with considerable skepticism by Western medical researchers who are performing the same procedures under scrutiny of medical trials, the doctors at Beike are making claims of considerable success in treating many conditions, including hypopituitarism, with the stem cell treatments.


Though hypopituitarism has long been considered rare, its association with brain injury means that it is likely more common than many might think. Fortunately, hormone treatment is possible for those who are correctly diagnosed and in some small number of years, repair of the pituitary gland could realistically become a reality for most people suffering from the condition. In the mean time, those who are desperate will be seeking the latest offering of the Chinese and we can only hope that the miracles being reported have some tie to reality.

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