The Urine Test: So Many Messages in the Bottle

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Last updated: 2015-01-18

Diagnosing Clogged Arteries With Urine Tests

A future test that could be of value to a much larger percentage of the population is a urine test being developed by University Hospital Freiburg, Department of Cardiology in Freiburg, Germany. This test is used to identify patients with atherosclerosis or clogged arteries and as a urine test is far less invasive than the current test that requires inserting a small tube in an artery and directing the tube toward the heart.

Though still in early stages of research, this test that analyzes protein fragments in the urine, was found to be 84% accurate in diagnosing those with the disease. Given that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of people in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, any test that can more easily detect the condition will save many, many lives while at the same time saving considerable amounts of money for our health care systems.


Though analyzing our byproducts may not be all that glamorous, the power of urine testing is quite impressive and is only becoming a more powerful tool as science progresses. While the forefront of medical science continues to inspect our DNA to divine what conditions we may develop, urine testing is becoming better at telling us what we have now. So, the next time your doctor asks you to dribble a bit in the plastic sample bottle, consider just how much about yourself you might be revealing.

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