The Potential Benefits Of Omega-3 Fats Against Cancer

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What Foods Are Good Sources Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Fatty fish like sardines, herring, salmon and trout are rich in omega-3s. For those who are vegan or would otherwise avoid fish, other options for obtaining omega-3 fats in the diet include flaxseed, walnuts, canola oil and green leafy vegetables. As a last resort, omega-3 supplements can be useful, but it is important to discuss the use of such supplements with a physician beforehand. As far as omega-6 fatty acids are concerned, they are found in several vegetable oils including safflower, soybean, corn and sunflower oils. These fats are frequently used in salad dressings, snack foods and various baked products so are easy to access.

What Is The Right Amount Of Omega-3 Fats To Consume?

To date, dietary research lacks sufficient information to clearly state the exact amount of omega-3 fat that is required to reduce cancer risk or improve the response to cancer therapy. Still, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) advises people to consume at least 2 servings of fatty fish two times per week.

That said, even though fish oil supplements offer an important source of these fats, such supplements can cause side effects for certain individuals, especially among diabetics. As well, for individuals living with bleeding disorders or those who consume blood-thinning drugs, like aspirin, fish oil supplements should be avoided since they reduce the blood’s capacity to clot.

Patients who are enduring cancer treatments should discuss with their doctors prior to consuming fish oil supplements. Dieticians recommend that the daily dose should not exceed 1000 mg. Omega-3 fatty acids may protect the body from various forms of cancer but to what degree is not yet understood. Currently, numerous studies are underway trying to find a more definitive answer, but until then its best to at least maintain a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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