The Painful Costs Of Angina Pectoris

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Societal Costs Of Angina

Together the direct costs of treating Angina amount to $1.4 billion US or about 1% of the entire budget of the British National Health Service. In the US, a review of Angina costs in 2004 published in the American Journal of Managed Care estimated the US costs at as much as $20 billion US.

However, these costs don’t include the individual costs and are only focus on direct treatment. Based on research published in 2008 in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, Angina costs $15 thousand US dollars for each person affected by Angina. These costs include healthcare costs as well as costs for supplies, caregivers and insurance costs. In total this amounts to $7 billion US in annual costs based on 2004 dollars. Using these costs per person, the costs in the US would amount to $57 billion US for Angina.


Angina Pectoris is but one of many ways in which we can experience chest pain that will prompt us to quickly seek medical attention. Although it is not always serious, the underlying causes of the Angina pain are usually a result of poor cardiovascular health. While these conditions can be treated, they do result in significant medical costs. Because of this, prevention of the underlying medical conditions behind Angina is a far less expensive option. When we do feel chest pains, we need to seek immediate medical attention, but also need to live healthier to reduce our chances of chest pains in the first place.

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