The Painful Costs Of Angina Pectoris

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Last updated: 2011-08-11
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When we feel the onset of chest pain, one of the first thoughts to come to mind is that we are having a heart attack. Whether our risk is negligible or not, we will have the concern in the back of our minds. Despite there being more than 400 known causes of pain that can occur in the chest area, we have been largely conditioned with the idea that having chest pain means we are experiencing sudden heart failure. Regardless of whether television depictions of heart attacks or public service announcements about heart health are responsible, we automatically link chest pain and heart attacks.

Given the potential severity of actually experiencing a heart attack or myocardial infarction, it is prudent to assume the worst. Add to this that most of us do not know what the pain of a heart attack should feel like and there really is no other sensible response than to seek immediate medical attention. While seeking such medical help is crucial, this assumption of the worst-case scenario is very expensive for health care systems. In the case of one particular type of chest pain, Angina Pectoris, the costs are very high.

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