The “Minor” Health Issues Arising From Beauty and Personal Care Products

2012-04-19 Wellescent |

Hormone Disruption From Personal Care and Beauty Products

The same research from the university in Taiwan also found another important health problem due to exposure to phthalates. The issue is that this family of chemicals has the ability to disrupt hormone levels. Their research is not the first to observe this health effect either.

Research from Harbin Medical University in China in 2009 found that phthalates disrupt the production of testosterone in men just as Bisphenol A interferes with estrogen. Lower testosterone levels affect sexual drive, sperm quality and production. At the same time, low testosterone levels are related to insulin resistance and obesity. In research from the University of Rochester, researchers found “significant” correlations between belt size and the amount of phthalate-related chemicals in the urine.

Though more studies are needed to understand the relationship better, any chemicals that increase the burden of obesity and obesity-related disease pose significant health risks


Even though cosmetic surgery is clearly the highest risk we may choose to take to improve our appearance, even day-to-day use of beauty and personal care products can affect our health. Many such products on the market claim to be safe, but these claims are not backed by regulation so these products may contain materials with negative health effects. Unfortunately, so many of the ingredients used in these products have not had government testing. The result of this is that consumers, especially women, are involuntarily acting as guinea pigs for the makers of these products

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