The “Minor” Health Issues Arising From Beauty and Personal Care Products

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Beauty And Personal Care Products Causing Poisoning

As bad as allergies and sensitivities to chemicals are, however, some of the ingredients in beauty products and personal products are actually toxic or poisonous to the body. The worst part is that the products that are toxic are often actively marketed as being nontoxic. A study from the California Department of Toxic Substance Control released just this month indicates that among the products they tested, more than 30% contained the most toxic chemicals while 80% contained chemicals with some known measure of toxicity.

Lead Poisoning From Lip Coloring Products

One material that is well known for its toxicity and is found in beauty products is the metal lead. In February, the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) reported that more than 400 brands of lipstick contained levels of lead that were twice the level previously estimated. Lead can cause numerous medical problems in adults including fatigue, depression, digestive problems, bowel pain, muscle pain, and headaches. Lead can even cause memory issues and difficulties in thinking.

Lead accumulates in the body with each exposure meaning regular use of lipstick can lead to long term health effects. The FDA recognizes that no amount of lead exposure is safe. Yet despite all this, there is no regulation to limit the amount of lead that products such as lipstick can contain.

Formaldehyde Poisoning From Beauty And Personal Care Products

The health effects of the others chemicals found in these product can vary considerably, but one common chemical used in a range of products, formaldehyde, can cause irritation to the eyes, nasal passages and lungs at the lowest levels. In slightly higher concentrations, it can lead to the development of asthma and permanently reduced lung capacity. In 2010 research from the University of California, researchers determined that the chemical can alter a woman’s menstrual cycle and can even cause spontaneous abortions. All of this is from just this chemical.

Poisoning From Phthalates In Beauty And Personal Care Products

Another common group of chemicals used in such products, called phthalates, are also toxic or sometimes downgraded to an “irritant” depending on sources. The US government recognizes these chemicals as causing nasal and airway inflammation as well as damage to lung cells. These chemicals can also cause damage to numerous other tissues. In 2010, researchers from the National Taiwan Normal University tested the interactions of phthalates with specific rat tissues to determine the effects that the chemical might have. From their research, they discovered that phthalate exposure can cause some cardiovascular, liver, kidney and genital cell damage. What this means is that regular exposure to this chemical from numerous products can lead to health effects over time.

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