The “Minor” Health Issues Arising From Beauty and Personal Care Products

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What Are Some Risks Of Personal Care And Beauty Products?

So, if all types of products can cause health issues, a question that arises is what are some of the health problems we may encounter in using these products? The simple answer is that the number of possible health effects is almost as varied as the number of products on the market. A future article will look at the specific health effects of certain products. However, there are some general health issues that can arise from regular product use.

Allergic Reactions To Beauty And Personal Care Products

One of the least severe health effects that a person might experience from the use of such products is an allergic reaction. In 2010 research from the University of Valencia, researchers found that approximately 8% of people experience an allergic skin reaction when they come into contact with these products. Contact can mean touching the material, smelling it or even being exposed to small quantities in the air. The research also found that roughly 1 in 4 allergic skin reactions was the result of these products.

With regard to specific ingredients in these products, the researchers found that the preservatives used in beauty and cosmetic products accounted for 20% of the skin reactions. As well, the ingredients used in hair dyes accounted for another 15%. Ingredients used in fragrances accounted for 8% of reactions. The worst part, however, is that 57% of allergic skin reactions from these products were not tied to specific ingredients.

What this means is that for people with allergies, finding products they can safely use can be very difficult. This is made worse by the fact that allergic sensitivities frequently increase in intensity with each exposure to the ingredient causing the allergy. The result can be frequent uncomfortable or even painful allergic reactions that are very difficult to prevent.

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