The Many Health Benefits Of Sunshine

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Sun Exposure?

As the previous information might indicate, one of main benefits of sun exposure is improved vitamin D levels and the effects that these higher levels have on the body. However, it is not just vitamin D that is important. Sunlight offers more than one health benefit.

Chickenpox Risk Is Lower With Sunlight Exposure

One such benefit that does not involve vitamin D is the risk of chickenpox. Research from the University of London suggests that exposure to ultraviolet rays can reduce the ability of chickenpox to spread. As chickenpox is largely a childhood disease and children are typically less likely to consider hygiene, having children get enough sun seems like a good way to reduce their risk of catching some diseases.

Sufficient Sunlight Reduces Asthma Risk

Again considering children, researchers from the University of Murcia have found a link between the time spent in the sun and risk of asthma. Their research determined that children who experienced less sun were more likely to develop asthma than children who spent sufficient time in the sun. In particular, the research found that children in more northern climates were more likely to have asthma for this reason. In this case, the benefit of getting enough sun was from the vitamin D created in the skin.

Sunlight, Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis Risk

In another aspect of health involving vitamin D, researchers from the Australian National University reported a relationship between the amount of sunlight experienced over time and the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Their research found that people with the most weathered skin were actually 60% less likely to develop multiple sclerosis than those with the least skin damage. They also found that exposure to the sun and vitamin D levels each affected the risk of developing multiple sclerosis meaning that the risks are not simply related to vitamin D levels.

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