The Link Between Psoriasis Inflammation And Other Serious Medical Conditions

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Being in a public space with others around provides many opportunities for people watching. In such places, if we are observant, we will often notice people who have medical conditions. Quite obviously, observing that a person has a condition is far more successful for some diseases and disorders than others. Specifically, Psoriasis is one of those medical conditions that is often easy to spot and to quickly categorize as an unfortunate skin disease.

Despite making such an observation about Psoriasis, there is often far more that we may have missed. What we cannot hope to see through such basic observation is any relationship between this disease and other medical conditions. In particular with Psoriasis, medical research continues to identify new links between the disease and some serious health issues. This makes Psoriasis a disease with deeper implications than it might appear on the surface.

What is Psoriasis And What Causes It?

Psoriasis is a chronic disease of the skin that causes areas of thick skin to form because the skin cells reproduce at a rapid rate in the affected areas. The living skin in these areas is red in color and as the skin dies, it forms flaky silverish scales making the presence of the disease very noticeable. The disease can affect skin anywhere on the body and the symptoms will come and go in reaction to various internal and external triggers. Roughly 1 in 25 people suffer from the condition.

While the disease has long been suspected of having a relationship with the immune function, only this year has the involvement of the immune system been confirmed. Researchers from the Center for Allergy and Environment in Munich made the discovery. They found that in people with Psoriasis, the immune cells responsible for remembering causes of infection were actually remembering very common materials with which the skin often comes into contact.

Amongst the substances, dust mites, pollen and even friendly bacteria were all interpreted as dangerous by the immune system and would cause an immune reaction. Because these materials were remembered and because they are frequently present, the inflammation caused by the immune system becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation is likely one of the reasons why the disease has linkages to so many other medical conditions.

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