The Importance of Managing Diabetes in Old Age

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Using A Healthy Diet To Better Manager Diabetes

As well as exercise, a healthy and balanced diet can also make managing Diabetes much easier. People with Diabetes should make sure that they eat at least three meals a day and avoid food that is high in cholesterol, animal fat, and oils. Like the general population, Diabetes sufferers should also avoid fatty and fried foods as well as alcohol.

Eating plenty of nuts, leafy vegetables, and fatless dairy produce is a must for effectively managing Diabetes in old age. Fruits such as strawberries and bananas should also be staples in a diabetics’ diet. Also eating plenty of whole grains to obtain carbohydrates should be an important part of one’s diet.

While diabetics should eat sweets and sugary drinks in moderation, it is important to always carry some when with us in the event that sugar levels drop. This way, a person has the best chance to prevent a diabetic attack when they are out and about.

Why Is Managing Diabetes In Old Age So Important?

The main reason that managing Diabetes is so impotant as we age is that Diabetes is the primary cause of blindness and loss of sight in patient’s aged 25 to 74.

For those who develop Diabetes in old age or have been managing it all their life, it is vital that they pay close attention to the quality of their vision. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels of the retina within the eye, so those with Diabetes should take extra measures to protect their eyes. These steps include routine eye tests, wearing sun glasses in bright light, and managing both diet and exercise.


It is important to manage Diabetes effectively at any age, but especially in old age. By considering the changes that each of us can make and using the resources mentioned below, diabetics can do their best to manage the illness and enjoy a better quality of life.

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