The Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarians Have A Lower Cancer Risk

In addition to helping prevent Diabetes, research into the health benefits of vegetarian diets has found that the diet can also lower the risks of another common disease – cancer. Research from Oxford University, in 2009, studying more than 60000 people, found that vegetarians had an overall 11% lower risk for developing different forms of cancer. As well, vegetarians were 2 times less likely to develop stomach cancer, bladder cancer or leukemia in comparison to the rest of the population.

Though the researchers did not promote a vegetarian diet, clearly such a diet does have some benefits in protecting ourselves from cancer.

Living Longer On A Vegetable-Based Diet

Combined, each of these benefits from a vegetarian diet work together to increase longevity. In research from Harvard University, researchers found that that the overall chances of dying were lower among people who consumed a vegetarian diet. Their research found an overall 20% lower risk of death in comparison to those eating a diet that included regular meat consumption. Though the research was focused on people eating reduced levels of starches, the results do generally suggest that vegetarians have a lower risk for dying earlier.


There are many reasons why people may choose not to eat meat and some of these do relate to belief systems but in most cases, people choose a vegetarian diet due to health. While some may continue to loudly criticize vegetarian diets as if they represent some form of fringe political movement, medical science is confirming that a plant-based diet is better for our overall health. what this means is that even if we still want to eat meat, increasing our vegetable consumption while reducing the amount of meat we eat will have some benefit to our health.

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