How Much Water Should We Really Be Drinking Per Day?

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Aside from air, water is the most fundamental requirement for sustaining human health and life. It is well known that within days, dehydration can kill. In the hot summer months, public officials and the media constantly encourage us to “drink plenty of water”, about 8 glasses per day. At the same time health publishers are constantly reminding us of our need to be well hydrated.

Sports_Bottles_topWhile we continually receive this barrage of messages about the dangers of dehydration and the need to consume glass after glass, we are almost never provided a suitable explanation. At the same time, the idea of drinking 8 glasses of water daily brings to mind little more than a long series of restroom breaks for many of us. Obviously, there is a disconnect between what we are being told and what we observe so it is important to understand the health benefits that water actually provides.

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