Some Of The Preventable Risks For Developing Kidney Cancer

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As the organs that filter out waste material from our blood, our kidneys serve an important role in maintaining our health. For those who have suffered kidney failure, dialysis or external blood filtering is required roughly every 2 days to prevent health degradation. Clearly, our kidneys are vital in the body’s waste management efforts. Unfortunately, like all tissues in the body, the kidneys can develop cancerous tumors.

Like the majority of other cancers however, there are a number of known risks for developing the disease. The chances that a person will develop kidney cancer depend on number of lifestyle factors. By taking steps to move toward a healthier lifestyle, an individual can reduce their risks. This is important considering that kidney or renal cancer is among the 10 most common cancers and continues to occur more frequently.

How Many People Are Affected By Kidney Cancer?

As the 8th or 9th most common cancer that people in North American and Europe may develop, kidney cancer or renal carcinoma accounts for about 2% of all cancer diagnoses. In the US alone, doctors diagnose approximately 64 thousand cases each year. The odds that any one person will develop kidney cancer are roughly 1 in 60. Unfortunately, this rate has more than doubled since the mid 1970s and continues to increase.

However, the risks for developing this cancer are not the same for everyone. Kidney cancer is primarily a disease of older adults with the average age of diagnosis being in the mid 60’s. With respect to gender, men are 50% more likely to develop the cancer than are women. Race also plays a role and according to research from the University of Texas, African Americans have a higher chance of developing the cancer than do Caucasians. They also have a 7% lower chance of surviving the cancer. People of Asian background have a lower risk for developing the disease.

How Dangerous Is Kidney Cancer?

Kidney cancer sits in the middle of the pack with respect to how dangerous it is. The disease presents risk because in the early stages, it often shows no symptoms making it more likely to be diagnosed once it has grown larger or spread. As well, the disease is also dangerous because it has some resistance to both radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Among people who have kidney cancer, between one in four and one in three will die.

What Factors Increase The Risk For Developing Kidney Cancer?

While the following list certainly does not identify all the risks for developing kidney cancer, it does identify some risks that are mostly preventable. The list focuses on factors that can be altered by making healthier lifestyle choices and changes.

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