Some Lesser Known Health Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar

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Eating Too Much Sugar Increases Heart And Stroke Risks

While pancreatic cancer risk is relatively rare, too much sugar in the diet also causes health issues that affect far more people. The effects of sugar on the cardiovascular system are much more common.

Research by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute looking at more than 6000 people found significant risks amongst people who consumed 1 or more sodas each day. The research showed that the risks for high blood pressure or hypertension were almost 20% higher amongst soda consumers while the risks for high levels of fat in the blood or tryglycerides were 25% higher. At the same time, the risks that the levels of good cholesterol in the blood were below normal were more than 30% higher.

What this means is that consuming too much sugar increases the risks of blocked arteries, heart attacks and strokes.

Excess Sugar Intake Affects Lifespan

Considering the added inflammation and effects on the cardiovascular system alone, it would come as no surprise that eating more sugar increases the odds of an early death.

However, researchers from the University of Montreal studying yeast found that even when sugar is not absorbed, its presence alone affects the lifespan of cells. The research indicates that merely allowing cells to “taste” sugar increases the rate at which cells age. While we cannot assume that these results translate directly to humans, the yeast used in this study has been shown to operate similarly to human cells in a large number of studies.


The efforts by public health officials to educate us about the health risks of too much sugar have mostly focused on the effects to oral health and weight. However, excess sugar is dangerous to our health for far more reasons. Inflammation and the effects on the cardiovascular system alone mean that we should all be making a greater effort to reduce our sugar consumption. Add this information to the many risks that come from obesity and that next can of soda certainly loses some of its appeal.

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