Researchers Slowly Pushing Alternative Remedies To The Mainstream

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Though many of us looking to improve and maintain our health may use supplements on a regular basis, we often do so without any guarantee as to whether these alternative medicinal products provide any positive benefit at all. When it comes to patients with more serious diseases or cancers, the use of alternative medicines in combination with or as a replacement to accepted medicines becomes more risky. This is simply because the effects of these alternative medicines and the possible interactions with other accepted medicines is frequently unknown.

The Benefits Of Alternative Remedies Are Frequently Exaggerated

The use of alternative medicines often has a polarizing effect among people including doctors because while some trust the strong historical and anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of the these natural medicines, others are not convinced until a full-blown scientific study is performed. One of the credibility problems associated with well-known traditional remedies is the effect of too many benefits being associated with a single “medicine”. Both the “old-wives” and snake-oil salesmen alike will often claim one hundred and one benefits to a given product. The thought process seems to be that if it gets rid of my stomach ache, it must cure cancer too, not to mention eliminating wrinkles.

That is not to say that these remedies or the anecdotal evidence supporting them is worthless. In many cases, they do have valid medical benefits in a few areas and it is really just a case of separating the facts from the beliefs.

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