Reducing The Risk Of An Asthma Attack During The Summer

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Exposure To Automobile Air Pollution Can Increase The Risks Of An Asthma Attack

In other recent research reported in the journal Thorax, another risk factor that has again been shown to increase the possibility of developing asthma is the exposure to particles from automobile traffic. The results of the 11 year research study involving Swiss adults who had never smoked found that those exposed to traffic pollution had a 50 to 100% increase in risk of developing asthma. This follows other similar studies that have time and again come to the same conclusion that traffic pollution exposure puts one at risk to develop asthma.

Poor Inner Air Quality Can Lead To Asthma Flare-Ups

However, staying inside is not the simple answer to prevent asthma either. A study published in February by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that children exposed to both fine and coarse particles within the air of their homes were more likely to develop asthma when the air in their homes had higher concentrations of airborne particles. This means that maintaining internal air quality is even more important than limiting exposure outside the home considering that most people spend most of their time within their homes or places of work.


Over the last 4 decades, worldwide asthma rates have increased by 50% each decade and now roughly 300 million people worldwide are affected by the condition. Though the exact cause of asthma episodes is not known, some risk factors for developing the condition are known. As a result, when faced with a condition that cannot yet be cured and is unpredictable, the next best thing is to avoid the risks of developing the condition.

For both those with and without asthma, do what you can to protect the quality of the air you breath inside and outside your home. Keep the air as clean as possible in your home with good air filtration and constant cleaning to limit dust and allergens. Improve the quality of your outdoor air by writing to your political representatives and letting them know how you feel about air pollution. If you have asthma already, make sure you know how to use your inhaler properly. Ask your doctor and don’t assume you do, as it could be a painful or life threatening mistake.

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