Psoriasis And Depression – Suffering That Is More Than Skin Deep

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The Effects Of Psoriasis On Daily Life

In a recent survey conducted across 17 countries by Abbott, a large health care and pharmaceutical company, 43% of those with very active forms of the disease indicated that psoriasis had prevented them from making new friends. In this same group, 25% also indicated that the disease had caused intimate relationships to end and 20% believed it had caused job loss.

In a different survey of psoriasis sufferers conducted by Leger Marketing in Canada, 60% of respondents indicated that the condition regularly caused problems with personal relationships and social interactions. Clearly the effects of the condition are damaging to emotional well being as well as the skin. While chronic disease is known to raise the risks of depression in patients, problems with personal interactions are also well known causes of depression.

Depression Common In People Living With Psoriasis

In academic studies, depression from psoriasis has been explicitly investigated. Research published from Tor Vergata University in 2006 found that more than 60% of those under 40 with the disease showed signs of depression. Other research from the University of Western Ontario and University of Toronto found that 6-7% of those with psoriasis had even experienced suicidal thoughts. As compared to others experiencing different medical problems, the researchers found the rate of suicidal thoughts in those with psoriasis was more than double what others experienced.


Such findings make it clear that the condition has a serious effect on the lives who struggle with it, making each day a potential challenge. As a result, it is important to understand in our children and family members the immediate struggles that they may face with the disease and the additional support that they may need. It’s also important to remember this in strangers who may face considerable isolation simply because their disease is not cooperating in staying invisible.

A future article will cover the additional problems that people with psoriasis face because of the immune disease itself.

Do you or a loved one struggle with psoriasis? Have you overcome the limitations that the disease tries to put on you? Share your stories in the psoriasis forums.

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