Preventing Prostate Cancer, the Number Two Cancer Killer of Men

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Reducing The Chances Of Prostate Cancer Through Changes in Diet

Moving on from obesity, another means of reducing risk is associated with diet. A research review performed at the University of Melbourne concluded that migrant Greek men who retained their traditional Mediterranean diet were also able to retain their low risk for Prostate Cancer though specific statistics were not provided. The Mediterranean diet includes olive oil, tomatoes, fish, lots of vegetable and is low in red meat.

Other research has also pointed to the benefits of diet in reducing the risks from this cancer. When researchers at National Cancer Institute in Bethesda performed a study on more than 1300 Prostate Cancer patients, they found from the results that diagnosed patients who ate plenty of broccoli and cauliflower were 49% less likely to have developed the aggressive form of the disease. While the research shows no prevention of the cancer entirely, it does indicate a way to reduce the risk of the most lethal form.

One last dietary contribution to Prostate Cancer prevention comes in the form of green tea. Italian researchers from the University of Parma and University of Modena found that providing green tea extract to men significantly reduced the men’s risk for the cancer. Based on their limited study, the researchers saw the risk for Prostate Cancer decrease by more than 9 times in those taking the green tea extract. While the study needs follow up validation, these numbers definitely indicate possibilities for prevention though diet.


Though it is easy to look at the genetic and age-related risks associated with developing prostate cancer and decide that your fate is already set, doing so ignores the facts. Living well can reduce prostate cancer risks significantly. Sufficient exercise and eating appropriate foods have numerous benefits to our health including that of our prostates. Just remember to get tested for the cancer regularly as well because ignorance is rarely bliss.

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