Nine Natural Ways To Reduce Testosterone Depletion

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Last updated: 2014-11-25

A Good Sex Life Maintains The Level Of Testosterone In The Body

Speaking of reasons to stay in bed, an active sex life can also help to keep testosterone levels healthy. Every time that men have sex, the levels of testosterone increase while stress levels go down. For best results, men should time sexual activity in the morning.

Maintain Adequate Zinc Intake To Protect Testosterone Levels

Multiple studies have shown that a lack of Zinc can lead to a corresponding lack of testosterone. According to Wayne State University School of Medicine, even a slight deficiency can reduce testosterone production by a factor of 4 times. Fortunately for those who have testosterone levels that are low, a Zinc rich diet can help to combat the problem within as little as six weeks. While there is no shortage of Zinc supplements on the market, the best way to increase Zinc levels is to simply eat plenty of meat, fish and dairy products.

Healthy Vitamin D Levels Maintain Testosterone Levels

Finally, to help with testosterone, we have vitamin D, another nutrient that is very important if the body is going to produce testosterone. Vitamin D deficiency is surprisingly common in both men and women. And, the most common cause is simply a lack of sun exposure. As little as 20 minutes of sunshine each day is sufficient to maintain our vitamin D levels and consequently the level of testosterone in the male body.

Author Bio: The author of this post, Anthony Wong, works at Family Private Care, leading providers of home care services. He exercises regularly and practices yoga to stay fit.

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