Managing Stress Levels To Avoid Addiction Risks

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For many individuals, anything that disrupts normal daily activities and expectations can be reason enough to be stressed. According to the studies conducted by Dr. Suzanne Thomas, associate professor at the Center for Drugs and Alcohol Programs, stress is a major contributor to the relapse of an individual who is dependent on alcohol. People who have sustained their abstinence from alcohol for years tend to suffer from a relapse when faced with a major stressor in their life or several small stressors in a row. Stress can be particularly risky for individuals trying to overcome an addiction.

Reasons Why an Individual Will Reach For Alcohol When Faced With Stress

For most people, a bottle of beer or a glass of wine can elevate their mood and make them happy. For others, it makes them feel relaxed particularly when faced with stressing situations. In their effort to feel more relaxed and comfortable, they tend to do it more frequently until they unknowingly abuse alcohol intake. There is that likely chance that their consumption of alcohol can escalate and eventually develop into a problem. It is therefore essential to follow strategies with which to overcome stress and be less susceptible to the temptation of taking alcohol and drugs. Stress cannot be prevented since it is present in the daily activities of our life, but a person can make themself stress-resilient.

Strategies for Stress Management

– Avoiding situations that can cause a person to be stressed is a good idea. If a person is stressed with news on TV, they should stop watching it. It they are stressed over traffic, they give should give themself ample time so they will not be in a hurry to reach the office or school.

– Always ensuring that we get enough sleep is also helpful. Research indicates that the link between sleep and stress are closely related to each other. Stress management techniques can keep person in control of several stressful situations and this will usually result in an improvement in the quality of sleep. When we sleep better, life’s difficulties will seem to be less stressful.

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