Limiting the Side Effects of Steroid Overuse

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For quite a number of years, the risks of steroid over use and abuse have been well publicized, largely because of the use of a specific type of steroid by some Olympic athletes since the 1950’s. Over the subsequent decades, the adoption of steroid use has spilled over into virtually every professional sport and is regularly being discovered amongst even college and high school athletes looking for some level of enhanced physical performance. Despite well-documented knowledge of the negative health effects that it can cause, this steroid use continues.

While most of us have no desire or intent to expose ourselves to the specific type of steroids used by these athletes, many people are exposed to another class of steroids commonly used in treating a wide range of medical problems. Unlike exposure to a toxic material, the exposure that many of us will encounter is due to an intent on the part of our health care providers to deliver a medical benefit. In a number of cases, however, the side effects associated with the over use of these powerful medications can cause problems for our health.

How Does Most Steroid Overuse Occur?

The class of steroids widely used for medical purposes are called corticosteroids. First used in the 1950’s, these drugs have been continually updated over a number of generations to produce the medications used today. A number of variations of these drugs exist to treat medical problems including inflammation, tumors, autoimmune disorders, pain and allergies to name only a few conditions. It is because these drugs act like hormones that they have such powerful effects on the body, both good and bad.

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