Learning To Care For Loved Ones With Multiple Sclerosis

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4. Help Those With Multiple Sclerosis To Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Since this condition weakens muscles, it is very important to provide the muscles with the necessary nutrients to be as strong as possible using a well-balanced diet. The muscles need all the help they can get to minimize the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Providing a well-balanced meal as often as possible is important in promoting the health of a person with MS.

5. Ensure The Special Equipment Needs Of MS Patients Are Met

Problems with sensation and movement are why people with MS often require special beds and mattresses to keep them safe from developing bed sores. Their condition might also lead them to suffer from heat intolerance. When ambient temperature is high (temperature of the inside or outside environment), the nerves damaged by MS cease to function. The inability of MS patients to move and sense the environment is reduced. As a consequence those with MS should use a mattress that will protect them from becoming overheated and that will provide skin protection. This is very important for the health of the person with MS.

6. Help The MS Patient Take Their Medications Consistently

As much as they may or may not tolerate their medications, a Multiple Sclerosis patient has to follow their doctor’s instructions to live with Multiple Sclerosis while facing the fewest health problems. For a person caring for someone with MS, one of the important roles is ensuring that they take all medications as instructed. Setting up reminders on a phone, using software or any other means to ensure that they never skip their medications is key.

7. Minimizing Stress Can Help Those With MS

A study performed by the Department of Psychology, University of New England on the relationship between stress and Multiple Sclerosis, found that stress aggravates Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Encouraging a person living with Multiple Sclerosis to view the disease as one among the many problems of life that can be solved will help to reduce such stress. Helping a person with MS in their time of need can also reduce this stress and help prevent depression. As well, simply ensuring that MS sufferers have good quality and appropriate quantities of sleep sleep everyday will also minimize stress.


As is the case for many other diseases that cause disability of some kind, Multiple Sclerosis patients need all the support they can get from family and friends. By understanding their needs well, those of us caring for them can help them make the most out of life.

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