Insomnia Costs a Wakeup Call

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Last updated: 2009-01-03

If a recent study published in the journal Sleep is accurate in identifying the per capita costs of insomnia to the Canadian Province of Quebec, then insomnia is very costly to us all.

Assuming the $6.5 billion is representative, then simple math would show that our combined inability to sleep is costing the Canadian economy $28 billion, the UK $51 billion and the US economy a staggering $256 billion annually.

Given that the study attributes more than three fourths of the losses to work productivity, you have to wonder how the lack of productivity also relates to job effectiveness. Whether it be a nurse doing shift work, an air traffic controller who didn’t sleep well or a police officer doing his job after a night with a crying infant, the lack of sleep has the possibility of affecting every one of us. As a patient, you do not really want to be on the receiving end of a medication dosage that was calculated by the nurse with sleep deprivation

Many people have had a bad night’s sleep and feel like they are dragging themselves around the next day, but having insomnia on an ongoing basis can be its own form of torture. So what can a person do?

For some of us, despite our best efforts we get no respite, but the key is to keep searching and trying different SAFE methods instead of resigning one’s self to sleeplessness. To quote Enstein, insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Just be sure that when trying different ways of falling asleep to keep at each approach long enough to see whether or not it works. Also make sure your doctor is aware of your efforts.

In any case, the following links may be helpful for beating your insomnia.

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