Seeking Back Pain Relief? How Not To Manage Back Pain

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Last updated: 2015-01-09

Spine_PainOne of the most common health issues that can dramatically degrade our quality of life is the presence of persistent pain. Chronic pain can make our everyday lives, including our work lives, both frustrating and difficult. It can also lead to isolation and depression as we battle the pain day after day. Over time, chronic pain can even alter the way our brains work. All that said, one of the most common reasons that we might develop chronic pain is from back problems.

Over the course of our lives, as many as 90% of people will, at some point, suffer from back pain or dorsalgia. In many cases, the back pain will last quite some time while in other cases it will become chronic with the intensity of the pain coming and going. At the International Pain Conference in Hamburg in 2011, presenters reported that in 95% of cases, the type of pain would be classified as “unspecific”. The result is that back pain is frequently under treated and the time required to recover is not well understood.

With so many people affected by pain in their backs, it is by no means surprising that different solutions for the treatment of back pain have arisen. The makers of different products each tout the benefits of the “solutions” that they have created. This is despite scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of their products. What is more surprising, however, is that even many health care professionals propose solutions that are either ineffective or can actually prolong the pain.

Which Common Forms Of Back Pain Treatment Are Ineffective?

This makes it all the more important to understand which treatments we might be using that are actually doing nothing to help with the pain. Unfortunately, for many suffering from back pain, many of the most common ways that we would recognize for treating the pain are actually ineffective. This includes several solutions that we might expect to receive from our health care providers.

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  1. William D Chesher says:

    Hello, I have been in chronic pain for 38 years. Sounds unbelieveable, trust me I know. It started with an accident. I had been in some lower back pain a couple of times but always recovered. I was also young then. At the ripe old age of 23 I was involved it an automobile accident. The damage was; compound fractures of femur, tibia and fibula left leg, broken right wrist and knee cap, major cuts and contusions of head and face, and who knows what. My femuf was snapped like a pencil, both broken ends protruded through my pants. In an effort to save my life from ostiomyelitis, I was put in traction and remained that way for some months. Then came the body cast. I did not stand up for ten months, with the cast on. Actually, I went home in and to my first two or three doctors visits in an ambulence. Then came the locking leg brace that went from my left butt cheek to under my foot. There is much more to the story. You guessed it, I have been in chronic pain since then. Yes I have tried it all. the pain ,however, persists.