How Garlic Can Improve And Protect Your Health

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When people talk about the health benefits of certain foods, you can expect to hear a few health-food staples mentioned. Bananas are a good source of potassium (though not as much as you would think), oranges are a good source of vitamin C, Greek yogurt packs lots of protein, fish has omega 3 fatty acids, the list goes on. Almost any natural food can be credited with some minor health benefit, a fact that food companies never cease to exploit. But there is a food that might know to have health great health benefits only from old wives tales, and that is what I want to talk about today.

Garlic. Yes, the same food that’s piled high in all types of cuisine, from Italian pasta dishes to scrumptious Asian stir fries. It is also the food that is supposed to be terrible for vampires. But you know what? It’s great for us.

Garlic At A Glance

People use garlic all the time to add that distinct pump to their dishes, to give them a pop of flavor. But I would bet that most people do not include the vegetable in their cuisine with the intent of getting a health kick. But the truth is that these little pungent bulbs have a lot of good to offer for our bodies. Garlic can help our hearts, it strengthens our bodies against diseases like cancer, and it might help us to metabolize certain minerals. The folks over at Whole Foods have a huge database of information about the health benefits of garlic, but I would like to cover the more relevant points that might interest the casual eater.

The Benefits Of Garlic To Heart Health

Garlic is a great help to our heart health, so much so that pharmaceutical companies have designed pills for heart health that are made mostly out of garlic (think products like Garlique). Garlic has properties associated with reducing cholesterol and triglyceride counts in the heart. High triglyceride levels are as dangerous to the heart as high cholesterol so reducing levels of these materials in the body is good news. Such an advantage can benefit anyone regardless of their heart health.

What’s more, the naturally occurring sulfide chemicals in garlic help the body maintain healthy blood vessels that can adequately transfer blood throughout the circulatory system. Specifically, garlic helps our blood vessels avoid being damaged from arterial plaque and other dangers.

Anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial minerals

Garlic also helps various parts of the body fight inflammation. The same sulfides that keep our heart healthy can also protect us from these problems of inflammation, whether it is a problem in our joints or an inflamed organ. Anti-inflammatory compounds in garlic have been known to help people with arthritic problems. Who knew that garlic could help your bones, too?

Finally, garlic contains several key minerals that are necessary for the growth and development of a healthy body. Garlic has manganese, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, and even copper in helpful quantities. Our body needs these minerals in order to carry out a multitude of functions properly, and most people do not get enough of these key nutrients from the average American diet. So next time you decide to cook, consider adding extra garlic to your dish. It is a flavorful and smart way to enhance your diet.

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