How Concerned Should We Be About Energy Supplement Use?

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Are Energy Supplements Unhealthy?

There is no reason to believe that the vast majority of energy supplements and commercialized energy drinks are harmful to your health in small doses. The real dangers present themselves when people consume too many energy supplements or drinks. For one, excess caffeine consumption can have several adverse effects on the body, including dehydration, heart palpitations, anxiety, and general exhaustion.

As for another common supplement, studies that focus on the consequences of excess taurine consumption have shown little to worry about in the way of harmful side effects to the body, but the research in this area is still in its early stages. B12 is much the same situation, with cases of toxicity being very rare (though they do exist). All in all, it is best to exercise moderation with these products regardless of their active ingredients.

Other than problems with overuse, the biggest problem with energy supplements exists with their use in a typical party atmosphere. It goes without saying that the biggest market for producers of energy supplements and drinks are younger people who want to have the liveliness to stay up and socialize for as long as possible. But the mixing of energy drinks with long hours and potential alcohol consumption is a dangerous one. The reduced inhibitions that accompany alcohol use paired with the recklessness engendered by overuse of energy drinks can make for a worrisome combination, and should certainly be avoided.

What Is Your Stance On Energy Supplements?

Like it or not, it appears as though energy supplements and energy drinks dominate our high energy culture. So, what is your take on them? Do you use energy supplements to sometimes get through the day?

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