Five Steps To Adopting An Effective Diet For Lower Blood Pressure

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For those who suffer from high blood pressure, reducing blood pressure is very important for protecting long term health. For those who want to lower your blood pressure naturally, an effective choice is the DASH diet. Created and tested by Harvard researchers, and endorsed by the National Institute for Heath, the DASH diet showed effective results in lowering blood pressure after 2 to 12 weeks. And now, the popularity of this diet is beginning to gain momentum.

DASH Named “Best Overall Diet”

An expert panel picked by U.S. News has recently proclaimed the DASH diet as “the best overall diet” out of 29 top popular diets reviewed. The panel selected the best diets based on a number of factors, such as long term weight loss, ease of using the diet, and its safety and nutrition, to name a few. The DASH diet was a unexpected winner, coming ahead of the Weight Watchers, South Beach, Mediterranean, and Vegan diets while also leaving a popular Paleo Diet far behind.

Leading experts in the health field have confirmed what followers of the DASH diet have already observed: in addition to lowering blood pressure, the DASH helps to lose weight, is easy to follow, and is safe to use.

How Common Is High Blood Pressure?

Many adults have been diagnosed with hypertension. However for those who have not been, there is still a 20% chance that they have the condition but do not know about it. High blood pressure is an often unrecognized condition that increases death rates from major heart events. It is not a coincidence that 77% of people who had their first stroke, and 69% of those with a heart attack, had hypertension. For every three adults in the Unites States, one will have high blood pressure and another one will have pre-hypertension, a condition when blood pressure is borderline.

The situation is even worse among African Americans who are more often affected by high blood pressure than people of Caucasian or Hispanic origin.

How Can The DASH Diet Help With High Blood Pressure?

The term DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension. For this diet, there are two variations: DASH and Low Sodium DASH, which works even faster. The DASH diet is restrictive regarding the intake of simple carbohydrate and overall fats. It provides guidelines regarding proportions of different food groups to use in daily menus without locking a person into consuming specific ingredients.

Individuals on the diet will be expected to eat about the same amounts of grains, fruits, and vegetables supplemented with some dairy and lean meats and fish. The diet can also be modified for those who are vegetarians as well. For those who are vegan, however, the DASH diet will look more like the Dr. Ornish diet – which, by the way, came out as #9 in the list of above mentioned U.S. News rating only because it was perceived as difficult to follow.

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