Fighting Cholera with One Hand While Helping It with the Other

2011-07-15 | |
Last updated: 2011-07-15

Humanitarian disasters come in many forms, both man made and as a consequence of Mother Nature. Earthquakes, armed conflicts, storms, floods, and nuclear incidents can all lead to a break down in the most basic, essential services that keep us healthy. Take a look at the events surrounding any disaster where people are displaced or have lost access to basic sanitation and you will quickly see Cholera rearing its ugly head. Among the world’s poorest, Cholera is always waiting at the doorstep.

While Cholera generally follows disasters, not all Cholera outbreaks follow an event as visible as an earthquake or war. For the world’s most vulnerable and impoverished, longer-term changes can also lead to the same infrastructure and sanitation problems that allow Cholera to flourish. Despite the best efforts of modern medicine, Cholera remains a significant health threat in underdeveloped nations. Worse than this, however, is that the number of Cholera epidemics worldwide is on the rise.

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