Fatigue From Snoring And How To Avoid It

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What Are Some Options For Reducing Snoring And Getting Better Rest?

Given the effects that snoring can have on our health and quality of life, it is important to understand the options to reduce snoring.

Changing What And When We Consume Can Reduce Snoring

Most doctors recommend a limit of just 25% fat in our diet. Doing so can allow us to reduce weight by controlling and optimizing our intakes. With less weight, there is less interference with our airways and snoring may reduce. Also, avoiding alcohol consumption later than four hours prior to going to bed can prevent the muscle relation that contributes to snoring. Likewise, avoiding tranquillizers, sleeping pills, depressants and other medications will have similar benefits. In case we needed one, avoiding snoring is yet another reason to quit.

In addition to what we consume, when we consume is also important. Large meals may be something we are used to but making the stomach work overtime causes the nervous system to relax. Avoiding big meals three hours prior to sleeping and opting instead for midnight snack will prevent the relaxed muscles and snoring that prevent us from achieving restful sleep.

Avoid Snoring By Changing Our Sleeping Positions

Sleeping on an incline helps keep the airway open, but it is important to not prop the head up with pillows and to avoid soft pillows as well because a bent neck also narrows the airway leading to snoring. Instead, raising the bed posts closest to the head by 4/5 inches or 10 to 15 cm by placing bricks under the posts will avoid snoring problems. Also for those who tend to sleep on their backs, the tongue may drop back in the throat increasing the likelihood of snoring by creating an obstruction.

A simple option is to stitch a tennis ball on the back of the pajamas. The resulting discomfort is just enough to make a person roll off their back.

Some Problems That Lead To Snoring May Need Medical Attention

According to ‘The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR)’, there are 2 important ways that snoring can be reduced: One is surgery and the other is to use over-the-counter remedies. Thus, getting a thorough check-up from a doctor can help a person identify their particular problem!

In some cases surgery is an important option. The University of Washington Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery(OMS) found some of the most effective treatments including removal of excess tissue from the upper part of the mouth, removing excessively large tonsils or adenoids, and trimming and tightening the soft tissue in the throat.

Some Remedies For Snoring Are Available In Pharmacies

One example are the nasal dilators that are to placed inside the nostrils to keep them propped open, Similarly, nasal strips with spring clips are stuck on the outside of the nose to hold open the nostrils. Custom molded plastic mouth inserts can be helpful for those who snore because of the placement of the tongue. Chin-up retainers can also be applied over the chin and lower jaw.

For those with sleep apnea, sleep consultants, can offer solutions ranging from snore pillows to herbal mouth sprays. Even some electronic anti-snoring devices have emerged which detect the noise and send a signal to a wristband to alert the person.

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