Excessive, Regular Alcohol Use And Its Long Term Effects On Health

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High Blood Pressure Can Result From Drinking Too Much

In addition to cancers, drinking too much also leads to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular risks. In women who drank more than one drink per day, the risk for high blood pressure was doubled. In men, blood pressure risks doubled when 3 or more drinks were consumed each day. In women, 3 or more standard drinks daily increased the risks of stroke by almost 8 times.

Research by Shiga University in 2007 found that more than one third of the cases of high blood pressure were due to excess alcohol consumption. These results indicate that many people with high blood pressure could eliminate the condition if they stopped drinking.

Excess Alcohol Use Causes Fatty Liver Disease Or Worse

While alcohol can raise the risks of cancer and high blood pressure, excess alcohol consumption almost always leads to fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease can then lead to weight gain and can increase the risks for developing insulin resistance and diabetes.

As a worse problem than fatty liver disease, excessive alcohol use can also lead to liver scarring or cirrhosis. Only 2 or 3 drinks consumed daily increase the risks of cirrhosis in women by 10 times. More than 3 drinks consumed daily causes the same 10 times increase in risk for men.


Although alcohol has a privileged position in the world of drugs because of its long history of use, it can still cause damage to our health even if our behavior is not out of control. As a result, it is important to understand that there are risks to drinking more than a drink each day even if drinking that amount that does not provide the appropriate pleasant feelings we seek. This is necessary to avoid having lifestyle choices become health concerns.

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