Drugs In The Water – Can’t Afford the Meds? Just Drink the Water…

2009-01-28 | |
Last updated: 2009-01-28

The recent announcements of medications detected in Canada’s St. Lawrence River near Montreal and across the planet near Hyderabad, India are not good signs for general human health. These aren’t the only places with drugs in the water; a study published by the Associated Press from about a year ago found that the water supplies for more than 40 million Americans also contained a cocktail of drugs.

When you think about it, water is pretty fundamental to life and we don’t do well without it. Because it is so fundamental, we drink a lot of it and get a bunch from our food. Having “stuff” in it that we don’t want to consume is not good news.

While the drug levels recorded in Montreal’s treated waste water were nowhere near the atrocious world record drug levels found in the polluted rivers outside of the Indian pharmaceutical factories, drugs found in the water should cause personal and public concern. Our pharmacists do their best to watch for drug interactions expressly so we avoid any adverse effects. However, when the drugs can enter your system because of the water you are drinking or the food you are eating, there is potential for this to affect your health.

You may balk at the idea that your food may contain drugs, but the concern is real. A farmer irrigating crops from river water pulled downstream from a treatment plant can easily be feeding us drugs that we had passed. With seafood from overseas and lax pollution law enforcement as in India and China, the shrimp or fish we are eating may also come with an unhealthy mix of high blood pressure drugs and antidepressants, just to name a few.

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