Using Breath Testing To Observe Disease – Delivering a Diagnosis with a Sigh

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Last updated: 2009-03-12

Where Is Research Into Breath Analysis Going?

While some products for breath-based detection of illness are on the market, many others are being developed and honed for detection accuracy. After all, false diagnosis of conditions will benefit nobody. Some predict that more sophisticated devices will be on the market and widely available in 5 years. These sorts of devices should be able to detect a whole range of conditions and will then become very useful tools. In order to detect a great number of conditions however, research will be needed to relate the specific chemical combinations being exhaled with specific conditions.


If these breath analysis devices become common, they have the potential to drastically reduce health care costs through much earlier disease detection and by their ability to screen large numbers of people with little effort. Imagine a new fixture in your local shopping mall, right beside the ubiquitous children’s rides, where for a couple of dollars, one could purchase a little peace of mind.

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