Coping With Depression For Men and Women

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Depression is one of those conditions that we all know about, but only know a little. We use the same term to describe being sad and to describe someone who wants to end their own life because they feel life is so hopeless. In the same way that the basic meaning of depression can vary significantly, the meaning of depression is also very different between men and women.

What Is Depression?

Without trying to define depression medically, experiencing depression involves having feelings of hopelessness and having no interest in life. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe. As well, some people can suffer from manic depression, now known as bipolar disorder, which occurs when moods swing rapidly from feeling very down to feeling elated or hyperactive.

Clinical depression, the term used for people who feel depressed for a large part of their daily lives, is thought to affect more than 120 million people globally every year. Some people are even born with a predisposition to experience depression and this is known as dysthymia.

What Are Some Of The Reasons We Can Experience Depression?

Depression is a complex condition with many causes but, it is common to become depressed when life changes suddenly. Any of the following situations can lead to depression:
– death
– divorce
– breakdown of a relationship
– losing a pet
– moving somewhere new
– changing schools or jobs
– being laid off
– experiencing illness or surgery

In addition to these causes, depression can occur if we are not treated well by others. Abusive relationships often cause those who are abused to feel depressed and even worthless. Depression may also be accompanied by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) if an unexpected emotional trauma or loss has occurred, such an as accident or sudden death. Experiencing PTSD can lead to symptoms including flashbacks, panic attacks, sweating, waking up suddenly with a rapid heartbeat and sometimes feeling unable to breathe. It can also cause a feeling of being in danger from an unidentified threat.

Any of these symptoms can occur in addition to those of depression, making it difficult to cope.

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