An Argument Against Preventative Health Care For the Elderly

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Last updated: 2014-11-25

Preventative Care Can Cause Unexpected Health Effects

The world is dealing with an unprecedented phenomenon. When children are vaccinated, we basically exclude some causes of death, which is justifiably since most infectious diseases occur prematurely. However, similar prevention effors become questionable when we attempt to manage the causes of death among elderly people.

Many patients are more afraid of the way in which they will die than of death itself, and when it comes to cardiac deaths, coronary heart disease is seen as one of the easier ways to go. Unfortunately, whenever doctors prescribe treatments for preventing a certain disease or condition, they are randomly selecting another disease or condition that will lead to the death of the patient. The sad thing is that patients are not asked for their consent to die by some other cause, which we can argue is unethical.

Furthermore, using preventative treatments does not guarantee that patients will no longer suffer. Instead, they only reduce the risk of potential suffering in the future. As a result, doctors and nurses need to make greater efforts to ensure that the prescribed treatments will have only the effects that they have communicated to the patient.

Appropriate Preventive Health Care Can Better A Senior’s Life

The previously mentioned points help to explain why elderly people are often more interested in seeing their tax dollars applied to treatments that will definitely reduce their suffering. These include joint replacement surgeries and cataract interventions.


A significant problem with modern healthcare is not the information used to drive treatment, but the way it is interpreted and transmitted to both patients and health care providers. The new goal should be to evaluate the prevention and treatment of potential causes of death in the elderly with a wider perspective that considers both the presumed benefits of treatment and the potential harm.

The article is written by a freelance writer Jason Phillips. He is an elderly care advocate who really wants to do something for elderly people. He also runs a site for people who need residential, nursing and dementia care. Here you can get more information

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