7 Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis As We Age

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4) Using Vitamin D Correctly To Help Avoid Osteoporosis

As one of those vitamins that is highly promoted for its health benefits and its importance to bone health, Vitamin D is a supplement that many people take. Unfortunately, taking it when it is not needed can actually lead to Osteoporosis. Research from the University of Leuven found that among rats with low calcium levels in the blood, vitamin D actually assisted in pulling calcium from the bone to help adjust the calcium levels in the blood.

Considering that high blood pressure medications designed to reduce sodium in the blood pull calcium from the blood at the same time, people taking vitamin D and these blood pressure medications could be putting themselves at risk of Osteoporosis.

However, for those who are young and thinking far ahead, taking vitamin D is beneficial for bone strength. In research from the Australian Catholic University, researchers monitoring young girls found that among those taking vitamin D supplements, bone density was higher. From this information, it becomes clear that vitamin D is most relevant in our younger years.

5) Ensuring Manganese Levels Are Appropriate To Lower Osteoporosis Risk

Another dietary mineral to keep in mind for bone health is the mineral manganese. In research published this year by the University of Castilla-La Mancha, researchers suggest that one of the ways in which Osteoporosis may develop is as a result of a manganese deficiency. Their research suggests that manganese is critical to the absorption of calcium so that if levels of manganese in the body are low, no amount of additional calcium will actually help the bone. They also suggest that the use of manganese by the brain can lead to manganese being pulled from the bones to feed the brain.

Their research is supported by studies by the Gulhane School of Medicine that found low levels of manganese in the blood of postmenopausal women. The findings are also supported by research from Sookmyung Women’s University that found that neutered female rats that were given manganese supplements had significantly higher bone density than rats that did not receive the supplement.

Before you start taking manganese supplements , however, seek medical advice because the mineral is toxic at higher doses.

6) Postponing Osteoarthritis By Eating Prunes

Arguably a better way than taking supplements to protect against Osteoarthritis is to make dietary changes. One important inclusion that women can make to their diet is the addition of prunes. Research from Florida State University found that women who consumed about 10 prunes daily lost far less bone minerals in comparison to women who did not. Given the ease of making this dietary change, it represents an important means to protect against Osteoporosis.

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