5 Reasons Why Your Jaw Is Sore

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What Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Jaw Hurts?

Although there are many reasons why we may experience jaw pain, the general causes for pain of this nature fall into 5 main categories.

Jaw Pain As A Result Of Injury

One of the most obvious reasons that a person might find their jaw hurting is as a result of an injury. Banging the jaw or being hit in the jaw will often lead to jaw pain. However, pain may also occur in the jaw some time after an injury has occurred, making the cause less obvious. A prime example of a delay before jaw pain occurs is in the case of whiplash, such as that experienced in a car accident. Research from Umea University found that 1 in 3 people who experience whiplash may develop jaw pain within a year of their injury.

Considering that jaw pain may develop that long after an injury, it is important to think about our personal history when experiencing otherwise unexplained pain in the jaw.

A Hurting Jaw From Physical Defects Of The Jaw

Another possible, general cause of jaw pain that we may encounter comes as a result of physical defects. As one of the most complex joints in the body, any differences in the shape of the jaw bone that interfere with its normal rotating and sliding motion can lead to pain. Likewise, improper alignment of the teeth or the jaws can result in strains and stresses on the muscles that can cause pain. Lastly, problems with spacing and overcrowding of the teeth can create an uneven bite, also leading to strains that induce pain.

A very common problem that can affect the jaw and cause pain comes as a result of growing wisdom teeth and is one of the reasons that dentists frequently recommend their removal. Overcrowding and placement problems that occur with the wisdom teeth may prevent them from properly growing out. The growing teeth colliding with the jaw bone may lead to pressure and subsequently pain.

Defects of the bones and teeth are not the only causes of pain due to physical structure. One cause of intense jaw pain is from the condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia, a form of nerve pain. This condition is often the result of blood vessels and nerves in the jaw that are too closely located relative to one another. The result of such close placement is that changes in blood flow can trigger nerve signals and intense shooting pain.

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