5 LifeStyle Changes That Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk By Reducing Fat Consumption

An obvious follow on to losing weight is to reduce fat consumption. In the case of Pancreatic Cancer, fat consumption is a serious risk factor in addition to simply being overweight. Researchers looking at study results from 500,000 Americans aged 50 to 70 found that high fat diets dramatically increased the risks for a Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis. The researchers from the National Cancer Institute found that men who ate the highest fat diets had a 53% higher rate of Pancreatic Cancer than those on the lowest fat diets. The risks were not as high for women but were still 23% higher for women eating high fat diets compared to those eating little fat.

The study also identified that not all fats were dangerous but that fats from meat and dairy accounted for the risk.

Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption To Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

The final factor to consider in regard to lowering Pancreatic Cancer Risk is the consumption of sugary drinks. Although the contributions of soda to cancer risk received much attention a few years ago, it is important to repeat the results. In 2009, researchers from the University of Minnesota determined that drinking sugar-sweetened carbonated beverages doubled a person’s chances for developing Pancreatic Cancer. Worse still, only 2 cans of soda per week were enough to cause this effect.

Related research from the University of California Los Angeles also found that one of the common highly concentrated sweeteners in sodas actually promotes cell division in cancer cells causing them to spread faster. The researchers found that fructose was the sweetener that enhanced the process.

With many people consuming sodas daily, this means that a large percentage of the population is at risk of developing untreatable Pancreatic Cancer unless they choose to make lifestyle changes.


Although the number of deaths from cancer has been decreasing over the last 30 years due to greater education and more effective treatments, some forms of cancer continue to claim many lives. Sadly, pancreatic cancer is a disease against which few real gains have been made. However, it is, for the most part, a lifestyle-related disease and this means that lifestyle changes can reduce our chances of developing the condition. Of course this is never easy, but in light of how deadly Pancreatic Cancer is, prevention is by far the best medicine for this disease.

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