5 LifeStyle Changes That Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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How Can We Prevent Pancreatic Cancer?

While there is no sure fire way to avoid the development of cancer, there are things that we can do to reduce the chances of developing the disease. Although the American Cancer society is unfortunately conservative in promoting ways to prevent Pancreatic Cancer, numerous research findings do suggest a number of ways to reduce our risk of developing Pancreatic Cancer.

Avoid Pancreatic Cancer By Stopping Smoking

Of the ways to reduce our chances of developing Pancreatic Cancer, one of the simplest is to stop smoking. While this is simple, it is by no means easy but it is definitely an important step to take. According to 2007 research from the European Institute of Oncology, smoking increases the risks of developing Pancreatic Cancer by 75%. At the same time, by stopping smoking, people who have smoked can still reduce their risks of developing the disease by 45%.

For those who might need further convincing, smoking is also dangerous even once Pancreatic Cancer has been developed. Research from Michigan State University has also found that the chemicals produced when tobacco burns promote the growth of cancer cells that develop in the pancreas. Thus smoking further reduces the chances that Pancreatic Cancer can be found in time to enable successful treatment.

Drink Alcohol In Small To Moderate Amounts To Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

Another way to reduce the chances of developing Pancreatic Cancer relates to alcohol consumption. Research from Harvard University found that people drinking more than 2 drinks per day had a 22% higher risk for the cancer than those who drank only 1 or 2 drinks per day. Similar research from the University of Miami found that those consuming more than this amount had a 36% higher risk to develop the disease. While the numbers are somewhat different, they both indicate that keeping alcohol consumption moderate is important to preventing this cancer.

Lose Weight To Avoid Pancreatic Cancer

In addition to reducing and eliminating vices in our attempts to lower the risks for Pancreatic Cancer, it is also important to maintain a healthy body weight. In 2009 research from the University of Texas, researchers determined that adults who had been overweight or obese as teenagers had at least a 10% higher chance of developing the cancer than people who had not been overweight in their teen years. These findings show that body weight has long term cancer risks to our health.

However, these findings should not be used to avoid action in the present because “you cannot fix the past”. The research also found that people who were overweight developed the cancer 3 years earlier than people of normal weight. Similarly, people who are obese are likely to develop Pancreatic Cancer 5 years earlier than someone of normal weight. Considering that the disease is fatal for most, a reduction in life span of 5 years is a considerable cost.

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