4 Ways To Reduce Depression Without Medication

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Which Groups Are Most Likely To Suffer From Depression?

Depression is so common that it afflicts many different groups of people. People aged 45 to 64, women, African Americans, Hispanics, those with less education, those who are unemployed or unable to work are those most likely to be affected by depression. As well, depression is also high amongst seniors living in residence homes with a 2011 study from Rutgers University indicating that more than 50% of people living in such group homes live with depression.

Part of the reason for such high rates of depression in nursing homes is the high rate of illness. People living in seniors residences and those who are generally ill frequently suffer from depression. Whether it be due to pain, reduced abilities, underlying medical conditions or simply isolation, depression can arise from a number of different sources. Research from the 1980s determined that having a chronic illness increases the chances for depression by almost 30%.

Even though we hear about depression more in the media than we have the past, this is not likely an indicator that rates of depression are rising. Two professors from Rutgers University and New York University who study depression suggest that any apparent rise in the number of people diagnosed with depression might actually indicate that more people are seeking treatment and receiving medications. Given that depression has long had a social stigma attached to it, having more people seek the treatment they require is good news.

How Effective Are Depression Treatments?

While having more people seek treatment is important, seeking treatment does not necessarily mean that people will receive adequate treatment. This is because depression is not a condition that is always easily treated. Depression can have many causes so identifying the underlying cause is often important in order to determine the best method of treatment. Unfortunately, the cause is not always readily determined meaning that treatments can vary in their effectiveness and patients must work hard with their doctors to find the right treatment.

However, because depression affects personality so profoundly, it can be extremely difficult for someone with depression to maintain the resolve to work with their doctor. Because each person responds to treatment so differently, the whole exercise of overcoming depression can be both exceedingly frustrating and time consuming. This can lead many patients to ultimately abandon treatment and simply live with their symptoms.

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