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Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, click here to have your login information sent to your email address.

Adding/Changing/Deleting Profile Images

Images are associated with each user’s profile and may be editted when logged in with the pull down menus.

Editing My Profile

To edit your profile, first go to ‘My Main Page’ and then select ‘My Profile’ in the right hand column. You will then be able to alter any aspects of your profile that you wish.

Image Limitations

At any given time you may only have 4 different images associated with your profile due to the amount of space required to store 4 images for every single user. The images must not violate the Terms of Service.

Password/User Id Change

If you are changing your User Id in an attempt to avoid being contacted by specific users, it is easier to block the user from contacting you. If you block a user, that user will no longer have any way to see you on the system or contact you.

To learn how to block a user, go here.

To change your Password, you must be logged in.

Mail Problems

If you are having problems with mail please log in to describe the issue.

IM (Instant Messaging) Problems

If you are having problems with IM please log in to describe the issue.

Login Failure

If you are unable to login and are sure that your password is correct, your account may have been removed. An account may be removed for the following reasons:
1) The account contained private information such as names, email addresses, websites or phone numbers that could be used to identify you.
2) The account was missing information and was incomplete.
3) The profile contained inappropriate, copyright or offensive images or language.
4) The profile was offering products or services to users or requesting money from users

Sometimes a mistake will be made in deleting accounts, but in these cases, the only option is to create a new account. We apologize for any such significant inconvenience.

Repeated Login Requests

If you are requested to login frequently as you move around the website, it is because your web browser is not set up correctly.

To prevent this annoyance, it is necessary to allow the use of ‘cookies’ in your web browser. For the two most popular web browsers, the instructions are:


Select the ‘Tools’ menu, then the ‘Options’ submenu and finally the ‘Privacy’ tab at the top of the new window. Ensure that the ‘Cookies’ section has a check beside the ‘Accept cookies from sites’ option. Select ‘OK’ to exit.

Internet Explorer

Select the ‘Tools’ menu, then the ‘Internet Options’ submenu and finally the ‘Privacy’ tab at the top of new window. Then select ‘Advanced’ and ensure that there is no check beside the ‘Override automatic cookie handling’ option.

Blocking/Unblocking Users

If a user you are interacting with is bothering you, you may block them by right clicking on their icon and selecting ‘Block’ option from the pulldown meny. Once a user is blocked, that user will no longer be able to see you online or communicate with you in any way.

If you have accidently blocked a user from contacting you for any reason, you may unblock them requesting contact with them once again.

Undeliverable Messages

If you are attempting to send a message to a user and that message is not delivered, it will be for one of two reasons:
1) The user recently closed their account and the system has not yet removed access to the user.
2) The user has blocked you from communicating with them because they felt bothered by you in some way.

In both cases, the messages between you and the user will be kept in your account, but subsequent attempts to contact that user will not be possible.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications are sent for various purposes including:

1) notifications of site updates or changes to the terms of service
2) updates to forums when you have subscribed for notifications
3) notifications of new mail from members with whom you interact
4) notifications of matchs for any member searchs you may have requested

Under no circumstances will Wellescent.com request information from users by email.

If email notifications are no longer being delivered to you, check:

1) that your inbox for your mail service is not full if the mailbox has a size limit
2) that your email service is not filtering the email as if it were some form of spam/unsolicited email
3) that the email address associated with your membership is still correct

Cancelling My Account

Should you no longer wish to be a member of Wellescent.com, we will be sorry to see you go. If there is something that can be done to provide a better experience in the use of the site, please log in to provide your feedback. With your help, we may be able to make the experience better for all users.

Once you delete your account, all mail and IM history will be removed and cannot be restored.

To remove your profile, you must be logged in.

Viewing Different Forums

If, when using the forums, you wish to see and post to different categories, you will need to update your profile to add the condition, surgery or medication to your list of interests. The reason for this is that it accomplishes three important goals:

1) it lets others see those with interests in that condition
2) it filters your view of the world so you are not overwhelmed with posts from all possible topics.
3) it helps to build communities of people with similar interests


If a user requests money or private information from you, then you should be very careful if you continue further communication with that user. In most situations, it is unwise to send money to someone you do not know very well and similarly, there are few situations in which you should provide private information to another user.

Should you suspect that another user is attempting some form of scam, please report the individual and block that user from communicating with you.

Wellescent.com attempts to create a safe networking environment for its members and will remove any users involved in such activities.

Spam (Unsolicited IM or Mail)/Marketing

If a user is sending unwanted mail to you, you may choose to block or report that user after logging in. You should also report activity if you suspect that members are using the service inappropriately or are making use of the service less enjoyable to other users.

Awareness building for medically relevent goods and services on the site is acceptable so long as it is done in right place. In particular, referencing a product or service and a company with web address in one’s profile is acceptable. However, referring to that product or service in the forums is not and will be considered marketing that will be removed. Attempts to run promotions using one’s account is also considered marketing. Lastly, adding promotional keywords to one’s profile interests is also interpreted as a marketing activity.

Any efforts involving marketing, as defined above, constitute inappropriate use of the site and will most likely result in termination of one’s user account.


Should you wish to advertise on the site in any way for products, services or even clinical trials, please fill in the contact form. Note that advertising or marketing on the site without express peremission constitutes inappropriate use and may result in being banned from the site.

Guest Posts

Wellescent.com does accept guest posts from authors on health-related subjects. Articles should:

  • be about disease prevention, living and coping with medical conditions, treating nontrivial medical conditions, etc.
  • have a body of 600 words or more
  • have proper grammar and spelling with very few medical terms – any terms that are used should be accompanied by plainly written definitions.
  • make a point, describing that point at the beginning of the article and summarizing it at the end of the article
  • cite references (ie “the University of X found that” or the “CDC reports that”) and include at least 3 links to reference materials from different sources at the END of the article
  • be written in the third person, ie. not saying “you should”, “you can” but instead “a patient should”, “a patient can”, “a person can” etc.
  • not be promotional in nature
  • not be available on other sites
  • not be about health tips or cures
  • not contain links in the body
  • not be presented as a pamphlet or laundry list with a bunch of bullet points

In exchange, two backlinks are offered in the bio at the end of the article and the posting is kept on the main blog page for one week. No links are possible in the body of the post. Very good postings will be advertised on the wall of the Wellescent facebook page. Guest posts will be posted within a month.

If you have a guest post to submit, please fill out the contact form to get in touch.

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