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A Bit About Me…

My name is Jason and I am an electrical and robotics engineer with a passion for medical and health related research. A number of years ago, when I was in university, I was thinking of becoming a prosthetics engineer, a builder of artificial limbs, etc, so I took the biology and organic chemistry courses that I would likely require. As my education continued however, my discussions with those in field made the work feel too much like a lab job and the lack of use of robotics in the area at the time made it less interesting for me.

As a result, I went on to work in telecommunications research, medical software and development for quite a number of years, getting a patent or two along the way, but always maintaining an interested in medical research and continually reading the latest medical science on an ongoing basis.

When my wife went back to university to become a nurse and I was often giving her a hand with her papers so I was encouraged to spend more time reading medical research. Once my wife had graduated and specialized as an Intensive Care nurse, I kept hearing stories about patients, surgeries, treatment, the special drugs being used and I decided that I should do something about my ongoing interest in medical and health science so I decided to use my combination of skills.

A Bit about the Site…

Founded in 2007 and online in late 2008, Wellescent.com was created to allow people with health concerns to find, get to know others and share experiences in a safe environment. Although possibly a bit cheesy, the name is intended to evoke ideas of “being well”.

The concept for the site actually came to me in 1998 as I saw friends experiencing health concerns and wanting to gain personal insights from others but, unfortunately I had no concept of a social network to frame my thinking at that time. If I had only thought of it then!

Jump ahead 9 years to 2007, and was digging through some old brainstorming notes when I saw the old idea again. With my wife having recently graduated as a nurse and my ongoing interest in all things medical, I became interested again. This time, I thought, I could build that and with the concepts of social networks in my head, it all made far more sense.

I was at first discouraged with the number of other health sites already in existence, but none of them seemed to fit exactly what I was trying to achieve. I wanted to create a site where people with common and rare conditions alike would have a chance to find others in addition to providing the same ability for those with more common conditions. I wanted to allow people to search out others to find friends or at least someone who understands a part of their daily lives.

Finally, I built the site in my free time over the course of a year. I have done my best to add features that I think will be useful by members and will add more as needs arise.

How do I use this site?

The site was built to allow members to communicate experiences and relevent health information in whatever ways work the best for them. A good starting point is the forums where questions can be asked to all the other members having similar interests and concerns. From there choose onsite email or instant messaging to chat with other members confidentially. Finding other members is possible through the people search functions.

The people search features exist to allow members to find others who wish to be found. Searchs can use any information that people provide because each of us will have different reasons for using the site and searching for others.

The site also has shared bookmarking because we have all found tidbits of medical news and information that would be useful or interesting to others.

Also watch for the commentaries and articles on health specific topics that are written and submitted at least once a week.


The site is intended to provide members anonymity above and beyond what one would typically find. The only piece of information that is somewhat personal is your email address and this will never be shared with other members or by the site. I hate ending up on mailing lists I didn’t ask to join, so I wouldn’t do that to you. Don’t get me started on how much I dislike those selling trash or trying to run a scam!

When using instant messaging, there are levels of invisibility so that you can be visible to only the groups of people you want to be.

Beyond that, all the site has saved is the information you wish to share in order to allow other people to find you and to focus the content to your interests.


If you have some feedback or a suggestion, good or bad, I am happy to receive it. I cannot make things better if I do not know what makes it bad for each person!