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Ongoing Headache Pain

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06-05-2011, 01:52 AM
member62294 Offline

Did you resolve your headaches?

Did you ever resolve your headache issues? I have had the same ongoing headache for weeks.

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06-06-2011, 12:43 PM
member84256 Offline

RE: Did you resolve your headaches?

My headaches are less often now, but not gone. In my case, the therapist and I think that I messed up my neck when I stepped funny off the porch. I never fell, but I landed hard on my foot and it could have jarred something.

But, you should get checked out. Headaches can be caused by so many problems that you can't really guess.

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10-17-2011, 03:10 AM
member35453 Offline

RE: Ongoing Headache Pain

I hope you have resolved your headache problems. If you have not, however, one of the things I ran into that would give me cluster headaches that would just not go away was low humidity. Something as simple as a humidifier or putting bowls of water around your house may help. I know. It sounds weird, but nothing else helped for me until my family got a humidifier. I rarely get these headaches now and do not have a humidifier. However, I do live in a desert climate, and when I do have an awful headache, scattering bowls of water throughout my apartment really helps to humidify the air. Take care.

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12-22-2011, 07:55 PM
member81475 Offline

RE: Ongoing Headache Pain

Maggie, I hope that your headaches have subsided by now. If they have not, I do something that many people do and it stops my headaches. Sometimes the brain just needs more oxygen. So I hold ny nose and blow gently like a blowfish, so that air will go to my brain. Do that for at least five or six times, stop and do it again at least twice more. This helps a lot to stop the pain. I do not use pills when I have a headache. This really works. Good luck.

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01-25-2012, 05:22 AM
member64299 Offline

RE: Ongoing Headache Pain

I learned a trick when I was working as a CNA to help relieve many headaches. If you massage the fleshy area between your thumb and fore-finger when you have a headache, you will find that particular part of your body is tender. If you keep massaging it, it will eventually stop hurting, and as it stops hurting, your headache seems to dissappear as well. It does work for those headaches that are fairly normal, and does some good for minor migraines, but I can't say that it will work every time for every person. There are times it works well for me, but those times when I get a bad migraine, it doesn't help much at all. It may be worth the try for you though.

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