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Stretching the Value of Exercise in Treating Back Pain

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04-04-2012, 02:51 AM
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RE: Stretching the Value of Exercise in Treating Back Pain

I have been dealing with back pain for about 10 years. I have found incredible relief with chiropractic work and yoga. The cause of my back pain is in part related to an issue with the rotation of my hip, which is slightly off. As this problem worsens, it begins to cause pain in the hip area, and later spreading to the back. Regular chiropractic visits do help avoid the issue. The other factor of my back pain is related to strenuous work and lifting. I work in health care, directly caring for patients. The amount of lifting I am required to do at times is very stressful on my already compromised back.

Yoga has helped me to strengthen my back. I practice yoga and stretching 4-5 nights per week. When I can not find relief I do my best to avoid pain medication as I believe in exhausting all other options first. A hot bath, heating pad, topical cream (Vicks) may just do the trick.

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