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Health Care Reform Before Christmas, Ha

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12-06-2009, 10:54 PM
member22868 Offline

Health Care Reform Before Christmas, Ha

As I continue to watch comments being made by those blogging against health reform, I can't believe how selfish people are. They are fine with the health system with all its problems simply because they are healthy. The only real concern seems to be saving money. Where did these people lose their compassion? How were they brought up to not give a damn about those around them? Let the ill suffer seems to be their motto.

I tend to think of myself as a pretty caring person who tries to help others out when things are bad for them so to me, reforming the system to ensure that people aren't always at the mercy of other's good will makes sense to me. We already pay a lot of money for our health so paying an incremental cost to try to make things better seems reasonable but somehow a load of conservatives with their 'Christian' values think that wealth should determine one's access to health care. What sort of bible do they read? I can't imagine they have learned much.

I say all this because it seems that some of the Democratic leaders are just plain selfish when they talk about the financial problems associated with passing reform. I know the bill is not perfect, but at least allowing people like me to switch insurers and switch employers would be a freedom of considerable value. At least if I have to pay the government for this, I have someone to blame who is responsible. The insurance companies have almost no responsibility to me.

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09-11-2012, 03:30 PM
member21279 Offline

RE: Health Care Reform Before Christmas, Ha

I agree with you completely, but I do need to make one correction, I think you meant the Republican Party when it comes to those who have made comments about the ramifications of passing reform. For the most part the Democrats are in favor of the bill. Anyway what you said is so true none the less. Its easy for those who are healthy to say do we need health care reform, when those of us who battle existing health conditions or have loved ones who have know how important any change to the existing healthcare plan would be an improvement. Right now I am on the state health plan in my area because of being out of work due to health issues, but if I tried to get health insurance from the existing health insurance companies that are out there I can just imagine what I would pay. First of all I am in my forties, one strike against me, getting up in age, I am a woman, another strike against me they always pay more then men do, then the last major strike, strike three i have more then one preexisting health conditions. Add this all up I would probably be made to pay over $200 a month on most of the existing health plans. Now where is the justice in this when most healthy people especially men would be well under $100. Then I would be subjected to them dropping me at the drop of a hat if I become critically ill because they wouldn't want the added cost, or refuse to pay for certain treatments that could help Like you I don't care what issues there are with healthcare reform and if it has problems. Anything that changes what we have now, and tries to make it more fair for all individuals can only be an improvement, it sure couldn't be any worse.

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05-27-2016, 08:37 AM
member32044 Offline

RE: Health Care Reform Before Christmas, Ha

Making reforms takes time. As far as I see it the planning must be done in an accurate way, especially in what timings concern, in order to avoid delays and suspicions from the public opinion.

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04-13-2017, 04:45 AM
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RE: Health Care Reform Before Christmas, Ha

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