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Tooth extraction

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06-22-2018, 09:49 AM
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Tooth extraction

‚ÄčHey everyone my friend met with an accident last week. She was taken to the hospital and she was in ICU for 24 hours. By God's grace, she is coming back to life. Her car was completely trashed after the accident. Her hands and left leg got fractured and she got some internal bleeding too. <div style="">After a week's hospitalization, she was shifted to her home. At her place, she found that her front teeth got chipped off. As she is a model it is very important to maintain her appearance. She went for an emergency tooth extraction treatment from a clinic in Toronto and removed her tooth. But now she is confused with the type of replacement she wants. Which is the best treatment to replace this extracted teeth? As she is in fashion world she needs the best type of replacement.

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